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How To: Create and Deliver Effective Business Presentations and Pitches

The dog days of summer are perfect for extra reading time. One book at the top of my list this summer was a sneak-peek reading of the galley copy of the forthcoming book, "How To Wash A Chicken: Mastering the Business Presentation." 

Author, Tim Calkins is an award-winning professor at Kellogg School of Management and likely most known for his all-star branding expertise (and he co-leads the school's annual Super Bowl Ad Review). He's also a skilled presenter, having delivered more than 5,000 talks throughout his career (wow!).

This book takes you through how you can present better, when you should present, how to deliver with confidence, and more.  It's a great honor to help Calkins with his publicity - and you can see one of his recent bylines in Quartz here where he offers advice on the importance of pre-selling before a presentation.  That alone was news to me. 

“Clear, practical, thorough and right on the mark. It’s a must-read for people who are new to giving presentations as well as experienced presenters who want to get even better. This book belongs on everyone’s bookshelf.” Jim Lecinski - Associate Professor of Marketing, Northwestern University; former Vice-President of US Sales and Service, Google, Inc.

His book also landed as a #1 recommendation on Amazon for books in Public Relations.

If you need to improve or have yet to master how to present, this book is a great read.  Let's face it - we could all use some polishing when it comes to presenting. Happy reading!

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