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Twitter Lists: What are they and how do I use them?

First off, what is a Twitter List?

Twitter Lists are a simple and easy way to organize your Twitter feed and keep up with important conversations going on within your interests or industry. No matter how many people or businesses you are following, Lists keep you organized so you can engage more effectively and keep an eye on your interests and/or competition.

How do you create a Twitter List?

1. Visit your Lists page via the gear icon drop-down menu or by clicking 'Lists' on your profile page. A sampling of Molly’s Lists are below.

2. Click Create List

3. Name the List & provide a description

4. Choose whether to make your List public or private. If it’s public, anyone on Twitter will be able to see and subscribe to your list. If it’s private, only you can see it.

5. Save the List

Now that you know how to create a Twitter List, what kind of Lists should you make? Following are a few suggestions but feel free to decide what’s best for your own career or social media use.

1. Your Competitors

Twitter is a great tool for keeping an eye on your competitors (or peers) but this doesn't mean you need to reward your competitors with a follow. Instead, put your competitors on a Twitter List & make the List private. Just make sure to double-check that your competitors list is set to private before you start adding accounts to the list. In addition to monitoring tweets, you can also see what lists they’re subscribed to, and what lists they’re included on. This can give you valuable information about who your competitors are keeping an eye on and interacting with so you can do the same!

2. Your Co-workers (Create a fun name, like Team _____, for this.)

A list of your co-workers, AKA your brand’s biggest cheerleaders, is another great way to get more exposure for your business. When you create a public list of employees or brand advocates, you make it easy for any Twitter user to see what your biggest fans are saying.

3. News Makers

Whatever your market is, create a List that follows Twitter accounts that break that news or keep you up-to-date on innovations in your field.

4. Influencers

Listing influencers lets you see important tweets from them and interact with them at the most opportune times. Open this list when you have time set aside for active Twitter participation, so you can leap in with some responses, retweets, and likes.

5. Event Attendees

A Twitter list can be a good way to meet some of your fellow attendees even before the event takes place, so you can prioritize who you want to meet during your limited in-person time. After the event, a Twitter list of attendees serves as an easy way of continuing to network online and keep up the relationship.

6. Biggest Fans

These are your frequent RT’ers. With this list, you can engage with your followers and share articles or tweets you find useful. It helps build a relationship with your most engaged followers so they’ll want to continue sharing your content as well.

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