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Are you Influential?

Collaborate? Yes! We’d love to! We work with leading social media influencers to showcase our clients' amazing products and services, and we’d love work with you. Our collaborations range from luxurious hotel stays to organic egg recipes and everything in between.

We like working with influencers who have curated the perfect content to develop a personal brand that you love showing the (social) world, especially in the areas of travel, lifestyle, fitness and food.

One category of influencers we’ve loved working with is pet-friendly influencers, including the pups themselves. From pet-friendly hotels to organic dog treats, our past and present clients can have some tail-wagging offerings that we know influencers can brag – or bark – about in the most pawesome ways on social media. We’ll stop with the pup puns now.

Dog in front of Hotel Felix
Hotel Felix | photo credit: @otter_doodle on Instagram

What’s more, one big area we pride ourselves on at Lynch Communications Group is that we’re always working with awesome brands and clients. No, truly. We have the luxury, so to speak, of working with brands that we personally would use or purchase.

Have a question or want to explore collaborations with us? Click here and fill out the form.

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