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Five Brands Spreading Kindness during COVID-19

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic the world is facing, there are acts of kindness that lift our spirits and put smiles on our faces. We’ve seen a number of businesses that are spreading positivity and giving us ‘all the feels’ with their generosity and forward-thinking.

Following are five acts of kindness from brands that we’ve seen and we hope these stories spark some joy in your day.

Over here, we’re big pup fans. And if you ever worked in a pet-friendly office, you know the joy a visit from a furry friend can bring. Now, here’s a surprise for your next virtual Zoom meeting. For as low as $65, Sweet Farm - a non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary - can make your next Zoom or Google Hangouts meeting a lot more fun. Choose from goats, sheep, pigs, cows, turkeys, and llamas to make an appearance on your next video call or take a virtual tour around the farm. We’re hoping a llama joins us for our next virtual Zoom meeting!

It’s the little things that can get us by during these trying times. Just ask 93-year-old Olive Veronesi. She posted a picture of herself with a can of Coors Light and a dry erase board that proclaimed, “I need more beer!”. The image went viral and soon after, Coors Light reached out and sent two representatives to personally deliver 10 cases of beer to their thirsty fan. Cheers to the simple pleasures!

Burger King is making sure that students stay on their A-game during lockdown by rewarding them with a free Whopper. Every day from now through April 20, Burger King will post a different question on its social media pages ranging from math, science, biology and literature. Answer correctly and one student will win a free whopper that they can redeem when they make one additional purchase at the fast-food chain.

Ever dream of having dinner with Tom Brady? How about a speaking part in Kevin Hart’s next movie? Neither experience is out of your reach! Sports merchandise retailer Fanatics has set up a digital fundraiser called the “All-In Challenge”. The campaign was created for top athletes, business leaders and celebrities to help during the pandemic by putting up a cherished possession of theirs or a once-in-a-lifetime experience they can offer to raise money for food charities. You don’t have to break the bank to bid on any of them either - they all start at just $10.

It is an extremely tough time for small businesses and hospitality groups were hit among the hardest. Restaurant employees are particularly vulnerable but one Georgia bar owner found a way to help relieve her employees' worries. Over the last 14 years it became a tradition at The Sand Bar to write messages on dollar bills and staple them to the walls and ceiling. Owner Jennifer Knox may have had to close her doors but she opened her heart by donating the $3,714 worth of bills from her walls to her unemployed staff. Can you say, “world’s best boss”?

We’re inspired by these brands and appreciate the love and generosity they’re putting into the communities. We hope to see many more of these. Cheers, friends!


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